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How to update your Lode Data Key

May 23, 2017    //  Company News, FAQ  //


  • Lode Data Design, Drafting, or Fiber Module must be installed
  • USB Device Holder
  • Subupdt.enc file

*NOTE* Only one USB key can be attached at a time to run the update


How to find your serial number

May 15, 2017    //  Company News, FAQ  //


  • Lode Data Software must be installed (Design Assistant or Drafting Assistant)
  • USB dongle must be attached directly to USB port of the computer. Do not use 3rd party adapter such as a USB hub

After you install the Lode Data software you can use the Utilities to find your software serial number. It is important to make note of the serial number because this can only be found by using the Lode Data ReadKey.exe utility. The serial number is not marked on the USB dongle.


How to change the font size of The Design Assistant

Aug 31, 2016    //  Company News, Design Assistant, FAQ  //

To change the font size of The Design Assistant left click on the Design icon in the upper left hand corner of the program. From there you will see a list of options that include font. Click on Font and change to the desired Font, Style, and Size.

Font Size

The Design Assistant is best viewed using the Terminal font. Using other fonts may cause items to slightly change. For instance, using the Courier font will display a locked node as a square rather than an arrow.

Font example

Feature Highlight – Auto Load Specs

Dec 3, 2015    //  Company News, Design Assistant, FAQ  //

In version 8.10 of The Lode Data Design Assistant we introduced a new option to load specs. The feature will allow you the option to automatically load specs that were last saved with the network (NTW). In order to use this new feature you need to change the configuration of the Design Assistant.



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