Common USB key errors

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Below is a list of know USB key errors.

Unknown Error 2

The button is not recognized in the USB device. This occurs when a user connects a USB that does not have a button in it or a button that still has the sticker on it which prevents a metal to metal connection with in the device.

Solution: Make sure a button is in the USB housing. If you are upgrading from an older key, take the button out and make sure there isn’t a sticker on it.

Will also occur when a user has a new button and is trying to run a readkey utility from an unsupported version.

Solution: Run version 8.11 or newer of the readkey utility.

Unknown Error 5

User is trying to update or run an older version of the ReadKey Utility

Solution: Run version 8.11 or newer of the readkey utility.

Security device not found

A USB device is not attached to the computer or is not recognized.

Solution: Attach USB device to the computer. If a USB key is attached, verify that the device is recognized by Windows in the device manager.

Security device is not mastered for this product

A USB device is recognized and attached to the computer. The error indicates that you are trying to run a product that the key is not designated to run. For example, you have a USB key that is mastered to run The Lode Data Design Assistant. You install and try to run The Lode Data Drafting Assistant. When The Drafting Assistant opens a Security device is not mastered for this product error will appear. The error is telling you that the key is not authorized to run The Drafting Assistant product.

Solution 1: Verify the key is mastered to run the product you installed.

Solution 2: This error usually occurs when users install The Drafting Assistant product but did not uncheck the Fiber Module (step 6 of the installation guide _link). Your key is mastered to run only The Drafting Assistant and thus the error occurs when the Fiber Module loads. Uninstall The Drafting Assistant and reinstall. Uncheck Fiber Module on step 6.

You can also ignore the error and proceed with using The Drafting Assistant, however; you will receive the error each time you open the program.

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