Design Assistant 8.24 has been released

We have released version 8.24 of the Lode Data Design Assistant. Please contact us to request the download link. This release has the following new features and maintenance fixes:

What’s New in Design Assistant 8.24

Version 8.24 August, 2016

8.24 Maintenance notes:

  • You can now alter a coupler value in the Powering Mode
  • Issues with PCD’s causing a security error, viewer mode, or crash have been resolved
  • Num Lock now acts as an Esc when the Delete Branch dialog is up
  • Jump to Footage Pair now finds all footage(s) even when both coupler columns are being used
  • Macro files are now loading properly when more than one command line switch is being used
  • Full Spectrum Plugin Deviation “DEV” has been added to the toggle menu. [/]

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