Design Assistant version 7.01 has been released

Jun 11, 2012   // Company News, Design Assistant, What's New  //

We have released version 7.01 of the Lode Data Design Assistant. Please contact us to request the download link. This release has the following new features and maintenance fixes:

What’s New in Design Assistant 7.01

Version 7.01
June, 2012
**New file formats for Parameters and Networks**

7.00 New Features/Enhancements:

  • Network size limits have been greatly increased

    • Node limit = 128000
    • Branch limit = 28000
  • You can now design beyond tap ports

    • Dot enter or double-click on a tap to edit or create tap branches.
    • To select a branch in the dialog, type the port number.
    • To create a branch, click “Create” or type ‘+’
    • To delete a branch, click “Delete” or type ‘-‘
    • Dot dot right arrow from Design Mode will take you to tap branches.
    • Taps with branches will have white brackets and a ‘+’ sign to the right.
  • You can now add addresses to any location in the Design Mode

    • These addresses appear in the new Network Tap Report
    • Dot enter, double-click on the Dist/HC/Cab/LV column, or use the Edit pull down menu to add address.
  • New Powering Device

  • This powering device boosts voltage downstream but passes amperage draw (load)upstream to a traditional power supply device. The device is a small transformer that has a fixed voltage gain and the output voltage depends on the input voltage at the location it is deployed. Use ..4 Trans to add transformer from Parameters Spec.

  • Deleting nodes with couplers or tap branches will not leave orphaned branches

  • Downstream branches will be deleted if the user chooses.

  • New Reports

  • There is a new “Reports” menu option containing two new reports that write to Excel.

    • Multi-Net Downstream Summary
    • Network Tap Report
  • Commercial House Count option

  • There is a “Commercial” option in the MDU window. If selected, these will be counted separately from regular MDUs in a BOM. Commercial counts will have white brackets <#>.

  • Grid Lines

  • Grid Lines have been added to improve the ease of viewing the display. They can be turned on and off using the new View pull down menu.

  • Excel BOM updated

  • The addition of commercial counts and new powering devices has changed the location of some information in the Excel BOM.

  • Show Tips

  • Show tips has been added to the new View pull down menu. With this option turned on (default), an information tip relating to the location of your cursor will appear in the lower right corner of the Design Assistant window when in Design mode.

7.00 Maintenance notes:

  • All coupler codes will now work in the MDU window
  • Excel BOM line numbers properly start with zero
  • Changing a value in the coupler specs to zero will is working in all cases
  • Amplifier names cannot be duplicated
  • BOM by Power Supply is correctly calculating only the equipment served by the power supply where your cursor is located.

7.01 Maintenance notes:

  • The program will no longer crash when left idle in the background.

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