Drafting Assistant 10.40 has been released

We have released version 10.40 of The Lode Data Drafting! Please contact us to request the download link.

What’s New in Drafting 10.40

Version 10.40

Key Date: May 1, 2021

Release Date: May 1, 2021


  • Windows 10 64bit
  • AutoCAD: 2022, 2021, 2020
  • Oracle 12c
  • Lode Menus:
    • Drafting Assistant.cuix
    • Lode Fiber.cuix

10.40 New Features/Enhancements

  • Create Connectivity Maker – Connect Symbols and Tolerances tabs combined – Enhanced clarity to point out objects that cannot be connected.
  • Skip All added to Create Connectivity – Use Skip All to allow connectivity to connect all of the objects
  • Connectivity QC Tools – Connectivity Creation Complete Summary xxx connected (# of Objects Connected) xxx skipped (# of Objects Skipped) xxx mismatched (# of Mismatched Block Definitions)
  • Connectivity Report Window – Items that that did not connect properly during Connectivity Creation are displayed in the Connectivity Report Window Block Mismatches Layer Mismatches Unconnectable Objects – Right Click on Mismatch in Connectivity Report Window Zoom To Show All Settings Mismatches Adds connectivity pointers to all mismatches Show All Exceptions Adds connectivity pointers to exceptions Erase All Pointers Clears connectivity pointers from drawing Save Report Saves Connectivity Report to a text file Create Route Connectivity Connectivity Analysis Analysis runs the Connectivity Report without creating connectivity
  • New Design Tag Options – Active Model Number – Number of Homes Passed

Fiber Module and Viewer

10.40 New Features/Enhancements

  • Port Properties Add Customer buttons defined – Add Before – Add After
  • Connect dialog now shows remote services as well as local services

10.40 Maintenance notes

  • Repair Report “Excel Not Installed” dialog if running report on a computer without Excel
  • FMType Splitter – Deleting more than one splitter allowed
  • Checkout Conflicts Notice correctly displaying
  • Custom Map Grid properly creating all map numbers
  • Multiple Customers on the same Port show properly on the Customer Report
  • Pads added to Equipment Ports functioning properly
  • Fiber Trace defaulting to position 1
  • Deleting Components from Enclosure Type working
  • Quick Buffer Type now correctly using the selected color as the starting fiber color
  • Raceway displaying and saving to the set height
  • FMReports Excel Splice Report includes only enclosures from the open area
  • Selecting Map Grid upper left placement will place at the exact coordinate

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