How to update your Lode Data Key

May 23, 2017   // Company News, FAQ  //


  • Lode Data Design, Drafting, or Fiber Module must be installed
  • USB Device Holder
  • Subupdt.enc file

*NOTE* Only one USB key can be attached at a time to run the update

*NOTE* The steps below outline how to update your Lode Data Key for legacy versions (version 8 or older). The Readkey.exe has been replaced by The KeyUpdate.exe in versions newer than 8.

To update your USB key/dongle take the steps below. The key date will update to reflect the date according to your purchase agreement.

  1. Remove all Lode Data USB key/dongles
  2. Install the latest version of Design, Drafting or Fiber Module
  3. Save the subupdt.enc file you received from Lode Data to the desktop
  4. Attach the USB key to be updated (Windows should find the drivers automatically if you successfully installed the software)
  5. Select Start—All programs—Lode Data Corporation—Utilities—Read Key
  6. Read Key Location

  7. Run the Read Key program
  8. Highlight the serial number to see the products associated to that key (click to enlarge)
  9. Read Key Update

  10. Select Update Keys…
  11. The key will reflect the new date. Launch the new version of Design, Drafting, or Fiber (click to enlarge)
  12. update success

In the example provided, we updated the key from 12/31/2012 to 12/31/2013. We also added another product so now the key can run Design Assistant and Drafting Assistant.

If you have any questions contact Lode Data Technical support.

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