Updating from a Parallel Port to a USB dongle

Apr 26, 2013   // Company News, FAQ  //
  1. Remove the button from the parallel port dongle. Use a paper clip to unclip the clasps.
  2. Parallel Port Dongle

  3. Remove the color sticker from the button
  4. Wipe the button clean with rubbing alcohol to remove the sticker adhesive. Do not submerge the button in liquid
  5. Insert the button into the USB housing as indicated by the black arrow. The smooth side of the button should touch the metal connectors inside the USB housing (yellow arrow).
  6. USB Key

  7. Do not attach the USB dongle to your computer until you’ve installed our product(s).

Installing Lode Data Software and Key drivers

  1. Install Lode Data Corporation software as the local admin. In Windows 7 you may need to right click on the Setup.exe file and select run as administrator. During installation say yes to install the 1-wire driver.
  2. Install the 1-Wire Driver

  3. Attach the USB key with the button inserted directly to the USB port. Do not use a USB hub or laptop docking station. 3rd party adapters may cause connection problems.
  4. When the key is attached Windows will automatically find the driver (1-wire device)
  5. Windows will automatically find and install the driver
    1wire installed

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