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  • Lode Data Software must be installed (Design Assistant or Drafting Assistant)
  • USB dongle must be attached directly to USB port of the computer. Do not use 3rd party adapter such as a USB hub

After you install the Lode Data software you can use the Utilities to find your software serial number. It is important to make note of the serial number because this can only be found by using the Lode Data ReadKey.exe utility. The serial number is not marked on the USB dongle.

Lode Data Read Key

To open the ReadKey.exe utility browse the the application from the Start Menu

Select Start–All Programs–Lode Data Corporation–Utilities–Read Key. Highlight the serial number to see the products associated to the USB dongle in the right column


  1. Serial Number
  2. This is your serial number. It is recommended that your record this number and store elsewhere for your records. This is your software license and is non-trasferrable

  3. Key Date
  4. The Key Date determines what version of the software you can install and run

  5. Current Date
  6. Expire Date
  7. Lode Data Corporation has two types of USB dongles. One is a permanent key, the other is a timer key. A permanent key will not display a value in this field. If you see a value here then you have a timer key. The date displayed is when your software license will expire. In the example shown the key will expire 07/01/2015 and I will no longer be able to use my software. Timer keys are used for certain products and subscription services that require renewal.

  8. Is Mastered
  9. This value will always display YES, if you experience otherwise contact Lode Data Corporation immediately

  10. Products
  11. List of products assoicaited with your USB dongle. In order to see the checkboxes you must highlight the serial number by left clicking on it.

    The software serial number is needed when requesting technical support, performing software updates, and account information. The ReadKey utility is also used to update your key date

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