• Design Assistant
  • The Design Assistant is an HFC design tool that has been specifically engineered to quickly and easily layout, design, and optimize any broadband network. With the ability to design using any manufacturer’s equipment, 10 design frequencies, and instant recalculations of what-if scenarios, The Design Assistant provides the speed, flexibility and accuracy necessary to efficiently design today’s complex networks. The Design Assistant includes a full suite of reporting tools and a direct connection to the Drafting Assistant for automated error free drafting in AutoCAD

  • Drafting Assistant
  • The Drafting Assistant customizes AutoCAD to be a powerful CATV and Utilities mapping program fully integrated with The Design Assistant. We have harnessed the power of AutoCAD with specific, yet flexible routines to draft base, strand, geography, and as-built. Design Assistant networks can be read and imported directly into the Drafting Assistant greatly increasing drafting efficiency and eliminating errors with our QC tools. We’ve introduced route and design connectivity which allows our users to run QC tools and reports to get the most out of your network.

  • Fiber Module
  • The Fiber Module for the Drafting Assistant utilizes AutoCAD and Oracle to bring together all of Lode Data products in one complete GIS solution. The Oracle database stores not only the fiber documentation, but also the graphical data. The Drafting Assistant has developed into the perfect solution for drafting and documenting RF networks and your fiber circuits. When you add the Fiber Module to your existing Drafting Assistant you will open the door to designing and documenting your entire circuit from the Head End to the home all in one product.

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