Design Assistant

The Design Assistant is an HFC design tool that has been specifically engineered to quickly and easily layout, design, and optimize any broadband network. With the ability to design using any manufacturer’s equipment, 10 design frequencies, and instant recalculations of what-if scenarios, the Design Assistant provides the speed, flexibility and accuracy necessary to efficiently design today’s complex networks. The Design Assistant includes a full suite of reporting tools and a direct connection to the Drafting Assistant for automated error free drafting in AutoCAD. Optimization is key to efficient HFC design. The Design Assistant contains many RF design optimization features that set it apart from other design software on the market today:

  • Full Spectrum Equalization
  • Will Work
  • Carry LE
  • Carry Coupler
  • Rotate Tap
  • Backfeed
  • ForwardFeed
  • AutoCoupler
  • Jump

Powering the RF system efficiently is just as important as eliminating actives during the design process. The Design Assistant provides the tools necessary to reduce the number of power supplies and ensure that they are all placed in the most efficient locations. Some of these powering tools include:

  • Centralized Powering
  • Distributed Powering
  • Locate
  • NIU Test
  • Carry PS

In addition to the wide array of optimization tools, the Design Assistant also includes the ability to easily print specification files, networks, etc, and if needed, get complete information on the performance or tap distribution within the network. The Design Assistant also provides complete Bill of Materials capabilities on one network or a large group of networks. Choose to print the BOM in Lode format, or send it to your favorite spreadsheet program for further customization

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