Design Assistant version 7.03 has been released

We have released version 7.03 of the Lode Data Design Assistant. Please contact us to request the download link. This release has the following new features and maintenance fixes:

What’s New in Design Assistant 7.03

Version 7.03 January, 2013

7.03 Maintenance notes:

  • Deleting couplers (Branches) will no longer corrupt the network.
  • Using Values greater than 256 in NIU Array Specs will no longer cause issues on 64bit operating systems.
  • The Resolve Branches command will properly resolve all branches.
  • Power Supply and Amp names over 8 characters will now import all characters to the Drafting Assistant.
  • Power Supply and Amp names over 8 characters will now show up to 17 characters in the expanded display.
  • Carry LE and Carry PS will no longer lose the name of the amp or power supply when being carried.
  • Using the Delete key and .Delete to replace is now working properly.
  • The “Show Tips” window will no longer cause issues and will now show the entire amp and power supply names.
  • There are now hotkeys for copy (Ctrl+C) and paste (Ctrl+V)

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