Design Assistant version 8.20 has been released

We have released version 8.20 of the Lode Data Design Assistant. Please contact us to request the download link. This release has the following new features and maintenance fixes:

What’s New in Design Assistant 8.20

Version 8.20 April, 2016

8.20 New Features/Enhancements:

  • Full Spectrum Plugin Deviation Options have been added. There is now a drop down selection on the Design menu mode for full spectrum plugins. The default “Total Dev.” finds the plugin to provide the least cumulative slope deviation on all forward and return frequencies. This is how it has worked since it was introduced.
    • “Fwd Dev.” finds the plugin to provide the least slope deviation for forward frequencies only.
    • “Rtn Dev.” finds the plugin to provide the least slope deviation for return frequencies only.
  • Jump to Note will now find notes containing partial search strings. It is not necessary to type the entire note to search for.
  • Find and Replace now includes an option to Lock all nodes where replacements have been made.

8.20 Maintenance notes:

  • Networks with PCD connections will now work properly. Powering consistently passes through connections without errors or crashes.
  • Downstream Summary is properly counting power supplies regardless of which line they are from in the specifications.
  • Tap plugins are no longer appearing incorrectly in network and BOM printouts.
  • Actives Specs: Inline EQs no longer have bogus lines of data after line 24.
  • All active spec files are now printing properly.
  • Active spec file Part Numbers are limited to 14 characters. The spec editor will no longer allow you to type additional characters that would not save anyway.

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